Be Seen.

We wanted to build a community-driven platform that highlights everything that makes them noticeably different!

While also financially supporting students and student-athletes at the same time. Say hello to Knowtice!

with a MISSION

Knowtice has proudly created a philanthropic model based on 5 keys whose goal is to help financially support college students, athletes, and their communities and we want you to join us!

A "Community Of Communities"

Every town has ties to colleges through students, alums, parents, fans, and business owners/managers. By connecting these communities (locally, regionally, and nationally) they are much stronger together in creating awareness, massive media exposure, and more participation.

Own The Space

With approximately 20 million college students, 4,000 colleges, 570,000 student-athletes, and 750,000 Greek life members in the US, what if this influential group combined their resources in order to create their own network with a recurring revenue stream that goes back to students and student-athletes?

Everybody Has A Brand

Whether you are a student (internships and post-collegiate hires), athlete (NIL), school group/club, business, church, or charity, we all have a brand that we want our target audience to Knowtice. So, why can we not combine these groupings to be found in one, convenient place?

Give Them Something In Return

If you give a business, church, or charity a tangible product (free profile within our platform), provide a low entry point for upgrade levels (yearly advertising starting at $1, $2, or $3 per day), will they help financially support our students and student-athletes? When accepted, Knowtice will proudly give 40% of the generated revenue from upgrades back to any college student of your choice!

Go Small To Go Big

There is an old saying that “it is easier to get 100 people to give you $1 than it is to get one person to give you $100.” Don’t ignore the low-hanging fruit. Make it affordable and supportive brands and businesses will participate which in turn, generates a recurring revenue stream that goes back to students/athletes.



Knowtice is looking to enter new markets by working with connected and influential students and student-athletes to help facilitate the launch of our platform within their collegiate communities.


Students, student-athletes, businesses, hospitality/tourism groups, chambers of commerce, churches, and charities are invited to use our innovative communication platform so that they can get Knowticed!


All participants will go to our website SIGN UP portal and create their FREE Knowtice page. Businesses and organizations can add affordable upgrades in order to provide additional customization within the Knowtice platform.


Our participants can extend their sharing their personalized Knowtice page and link with their network of followers, customers, and target audience. Additionally, they can be discovered on our app and online directory.


When a business adds an upgrade they are asked to select a student recipient and 40% of their total bill will go back to financially support any college student or athlete of their choice.


To receive 40% of the total bill paid to Knowtice, the student recipient must send a social media post thanking the business or organization for financially supporting college students.


Knowtice is a yearly subscription based platform so as the business continues to pay for their service, the selected recipient will receive the funding as long as he/she remains in college.


By being a part of our platform, everybody gets an improved communication network built exclusively to meet their needs while also financially supporting students/athletes and the community.

Get KnowticeD Today!

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