No business or organization cares how their customers, prospects, and members get to their website and/or social pages... just as long as they get there! That's where the uniqueness of Knowtice comes in!

We take all of your marketing tools that you've spent valuable time and money creating and place them on a logo friendly calendar for branding and instant recognition. You see, it's one thing to know about something but it's another thing to remember!

Lastly, unlike traditional social media, our platform does not allow individuals to follow their "friends." With our concept businesses and organizations will have an exclusive place where they are always the main focus. By doing so, we will eliminate the disconnect that often accompanied their communication efforts in the past! While also helping to give back to the students and their families that support them. We call this focal media. 

Are you ready to join up? We can have your page live and running within 48hrs!


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