How do I get started?


Pick the amount of exposure you want to achieve: Good, Great, or Maximum and then select the payment plan (hint - if you want to save a lot of money then you should choose annual payments). Sign up and provide your credit card info.



Who sets up the pages?


Upon completing your signup process, Knowtice will create your customized Profile page based on your exposure/plan selection. For the Maximum Exposure plan, we will create tabs on your page that match and drive your customers, followers, and prospects to your existing website pages and social media outlets.


For the Good Exposure and Great Exposure plans we will pick the best tab(s) to display on your page based on the number of tabs your plan allows. Based on the plan selection, we will also add up to 3 current events (called a Knowtice) that will be found under your Upcoming tab on your Profile page. These events, as well as future created events, will automatically populate onto your followers' calendar once they have chosen to follow you.


Completion of setup usually takes up to 72 hours to complete. Once we have completed the page we will contact the business “administrator” to set up a quick and simple training to oversee the site (unless you have chosen the Managed Exposure plan where we will do this for you).



What are the administrators responsibilities?


Each business or group will appoint an admin to oversee their site by creating an account with their email and an 8-character password. This admin can then access their Dashboard at https://knowticeapp.com and by hitting Admin in the top right corner of the page (or under menu). From here they will be lead to the signup page.


The Dashboard consists of the profile page, created events, and is also where you will create your new events. Everything here is customizable so the admin will be responsible for the look and functionality of their Knowtice pages. In most cases, the administrator will also be responsible for introducing Knowtice to their current customers/followers via marketing.



Can we also use event tabs to connect to our website pages and social media?


Yes, we believe in simplicity and convenience and that is why we also created visibly descriptive tabs to connect your events to pertinent website pages and social media. These tabs are always event specific and will be found on the Upcoming events tab. Some examples of these tabs may be register, menu, tickets, video, volunteer, schedule coupons/specials, and more. You have to agree, nobody cares how their customers get to there website and social media…..just get them there!  And with Knowtice you will.


Does Knowtice provide marketing tools?


Yes, we sure do! To help with engagement we will provide you with marketing tools during your 8-week onboarding process.* This will include a Follow Us Knowtice sticker for your door, multiple printable or electronic flyers, social media posts, and a Knowtice logo/badge for your website. All materials should be customized with your logo in order to co-brand. If you need assistance with this feel free to give us a call for pricing.


*Please remember that it usually takes, on average, 5-6 impressions before customers take the desired action. So be patient, it’s a work in progress.But, it will be worth it.



What is community-driven exposure and how does this benefit me?


Every business or organization who joins Knowtice, within your community or neighboring communities, all have one goal in mind...and that is to be pushing their customers and followers to follow them on Knowtice. The benefit for you is that through this community-driven process everybody has the opportunity to “piggy-back” off each other's customers.


That’s because it’s all connected: people who enjoy music go out to dinner, and go to church, and like sports, and visit stores, or have school activities for their kids. For this reason, we bring it all together through our 24 category search page. Here, the end-user will go through each category and select to follow what interests them. Which in return provides ample opportunity for you to be followed. While at the same time, it gives you exposure to a new and affordable target audience that you were probably not reaching in the past.



What else is uniquely different about Knowtice?


We believe that everybody who uses Knowtice should have ultimate control which creates more benefits all the way around. From our partners who want to maximize their marketing ROI by discovering new ways to be discovered. To our end-users who want one simple, convenient place to follow only what interests them minus annoying pop-up ads, political opinions, and the fear of their data being shared.


By doing this we are able to keep your message in full view while creating a great user experience. And when you give people something to enjoy you have a great chance to generate more participation, attendance, and revenue. Ultimately, isn’t this your goal?


Is there a charge for our customers or followers to install the app?


No, Knowtice is free for all end-users!


What is the setup/support fee?

To help ease you into Knowtice we will set up your Profile page in the beginning as well as create a couple of events to get you started (# of events depends on your plan). Also, included in this fee is the training, marketing kit, future support, and advertising as well. The setup/support fee is renewed annually.

What is your discount code policy for monthly and annual plans?


Occasionally, we will offer discount codes to new members to apply only during their original signup. These discount codes cannot be used if you are an existing customer and are not transferable. In most cases the offer will be the following based on the selected payment options:


  Annual plans - “months free” for the annual plan will be deducted from the yearly price      


  Monthly plans - “months free” for monthly plans will be a  “percentage equivalent to

                            set number of months (i.e. 17% for 2 months free)” and the savings                                

                            will be deducted across 12 payments                                                                  

.                             .


Please note, that discount codes are not applicable to the Setup/Support fee.

What are your cancellation and refund policy?


Knowtice is a yearly subscription contract which is billed annually or monthly and is automatically rolled over each year. However, after 6 months if you are not satisfied we will gladly cancel your remaining subscription with a 30-day notice. The cancellation will take place at the end of the next invoice period.


Upon cancellation request, annual plan customers will be prorated to the monthly plan charges. If there is a remaining balance, we will charge your credit card the balance and cancel the account. If a refund is entitled we will refund the credit to your credit card and then cancel the account.


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