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Germantown Soccer Club
"The Germantown Legends Soccer Club uses soccer as a vehicle for teaching children valuable life lessons, such as leadership, integrity and sportsmanship. Knowtice also offers important life lessons to Tennessee college students through its “Student-Driven” program, including the value of hard work and the incredible benefits of an education. Our partnership just makes sense. Thanks to Knowtice, organizations like The Germantown Legends Soccer Club have the opportunity to increase organizational awareness, better connect with our target audience, and stay front and center within the broader community. We are proud to partner with and look forward to growing alongside Knowtice."

Donald Norbert
Director of Operations, Germantown Legends Soccer Club

Shelby Co. Chamber Alliance
"The purpose of the Shelby County Chamber Alliance is to identify and prioritize the needs of our business community, and Knowtice is helping us do just that. We are proud supporters of Knowtice’s community-driven approach, as it helps to bring awareness to our member businesses and better connect them with their target audiences. Knowtice is on a path to making a difference in our community while positively impacting the students and families in our state, and our Alliance is eager and excited to share its offerings with our members."

Harold Byrd
President, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce

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It’s amazing what can be built when you ask, “What do you need?”
The answer… “We want more exposure!” Say hello to Knowtice!

Community Calendar

Your posts, events, and happenings are displayed in an informative calendar format

24 Search Categories

Be found and easily discovered within our specialized search tools

Improved Visibility

Unlike email and social media, you get close to 100% reach when your audience follows you

Easy to Use

You will be amazed how quick and simple it is to create your profile and send your posts!

Based on Proximity

Our proximity tool allows users to Knowtice what is around them wherever they may be at that time

Useful Features

Use our profile & events tabs to get all the details you need for events, brands, and more

Logos & Images

Your recognizable logo and associated imagery makes your post stand out and always be remembered

Support Students

40% of your participation fees will go back to a college student of your choice



Knowtice is a ”community of communities,” so through supportive hospitality/tourism groups, chambers of commerce, student workers, and by word-of-mouth, all area churches, charities, groups, and businesses are introduced and invited to use our innovative communication platform!


Groups and businesses will go to the Knowtice website SIGN UP portal and create their profile. Affordable upgrades are available in order to provide additional customization within the Knowtice platform.


These groups and businesses reach out to their network of customers, followers and prospects to “Knowtice” the great things happening within their business and community while also promoting our mission to help college students!


By beginning its launch in collegiate communities and spreading awareness throughout the state, Knowtice uses a student-driven approach to help attract business owners and managers, who were in most cases, once former college students themselves, and are eager to help students while benefiting their business.


Instead of paying us all of the money to participate on Knowtice, we would love if all businesses would support education. That's why 40% of the first year's participation fees will go to a student of their choice when they enter promo code BACK2STUDENTS.


A compensation arrangement with the student recipient will be mutually agreed upon and it can be made through cash, check, gift cards, product, and/or Venmo (or similar platform).


By participating on our platform, Knowtice generates a source of funding for college students. Plus, the local community gets a new communication tool and network built exclusively to meet their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. GO TO PORTAL Visit our online portal which can be found under SIGN UP.
  2. BUILD PROFILE The process is simple. It will take about 20 minutes depending on the number of customizable features you add to your profile.
  3. SUPPORT A STUDENT While building the profile, enter BACK2STUDENTS as your promo code and 40% of your participation fees will go back to the college student(s) of your choice. Financial support for students is recurring every year that you are on the platform.
  4. SELECT UPGRADES Choose to be listed under additional categories so that you maximize your exposure and brand awareness with your target audience.
  5. ACCEPT THE AGREEMENT Read over the agreement, Terms of Service, and the Privacy Policy and accept.

Upon completion of building your profile you will pay with a credit card online. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We will be adding the ability to pay through ACH in the near future.

This agreement shall be renewed automatically after each one year anniversary of the start date unless you provide thirty (30) days notice of termination, emailed to [email protected].

In the event of termination, you understand that any funds paid prior thereto will not be refunded.

By using the promo code, groups and businesses agree to give 40% of every dollar saved back to their selected student(s). You can choose to support multiple students.

A compensation arrangement with your recipient(s) will be mutually agreed upon and it can be made through cash, check, gift cards, product, and/or Venmo (or similar platform).

Absolutely! We have working arrangements like this already in place. Simply contact us, we will work out the details, and then we will train your staff. It is that simple!

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