Knowtice is all about bringing significant change that benefits you in a positive and financial way. 

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Knowtice isn’t just making a difference for the organizations in our community – it’s making a difference for families like mine. Through Knowtice’s internship program, my son is gaining real world experience and bolstering his resume. Because of Knowtice, he and other students like him have the opportunity to grow as leaders, support their communities and learn the importance of giving back from a young age.

Tom Dorian, parent of a Knowtice Community Launch Coordinator (CLC) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville


One of the coolest comments anyone ever said to me about Knowtice was not even intended to be directed toward me. They said, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but why didn’t one of the big social media boys ever think about this? It makes perfect sense. I love it!”

So I smiled and said, ”Thanks, I guess!”

You see, everybody is quite honestly shocked when they hear my story that the founder of Knowtice is a 57-year old, non-tech-savvy person; who walked away from co-owning a 50-year successful family business, who overnight went from bringing home lots of money to now making $0. That chose to walk away from it all and risked everything simply because I have a vision that we can do this!

Simply because, like a lot of people,  I just see things differently due to all of the real-life experiences we’ve all encountered. So, why not try to improve those experiences?

Simply because as a father of three college students, I want to make a difference in students and their families’ lives by helping them graduate debt-free; while also helping colleges mold our future leaders and go-getters.

Lastly, because there should never be any regrets for trying and if one truly wants to be relevant your age shouldn’t matter. Neither should the fear of the doubters or possible failure.

At the end of the day, the thought of making a difference made “perfect sense” to me. Hopefully, it will for you as well and you will join our mission.

Thanks for Knowticing,

Kermit Throckmorton

On behalf of the students, their families and the colleges within your community we would like to say: Thanks for Knowticing!

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