What better way to connect businesses and brands to students than a platform built around collegiate communities!


If you want to truly make an impact in the NIL game we should all work together and be more unified. That is what makes our mission stand out!

Our Collective

We are a collective of collegiate communities whose goal is to compensate selected student-athletes through an NIL Fund to promote everything that makes their community so great!


We built our model so that ALL of our participating student-athletes, regardless of their stature or sport, will generate money by simply sending a thank you post to supportive businesses in their community.

Support Local

Our platform creates an opportunity for students and athletes to receive financial support from the local brands and businesses that they already know and have a rapport with and others they may not know.

Mississippi State University
“I'm really excited to be a TEAMBASSADOR! I think Knowtice is a cool platform that will really benefit a lot of students and student-athletes in the community.”

Matt Corder
Collegiate Baseball Player - Starkville

Mississippi State University

We Love Connecting Athletes With Their Community

By bringing both of these worlds together, we are able to further extend the “support those that support you” relationship that currently exists within collegiate communities.


Consisting of a combination of area, “homegrown” student-athletes and other student-athletes who have selected the collegiate community as their second home.


Introduce Our Mission

Through initial “public service” posts on their social media accounts our TEAMBASSADORS at each school will invite fellow students, student-athletes, and businesses to join Knowtice.

Share The Wealth

Each group of TEAMBASSADORS will equally divide 33% of generated revenue that was allocated to their school from supportive businesses when they joined Knowtice


Monetize Off Of Your Connections

Want more money for college? Use your connections and introduce Knowtice to your boss or family friends who own or manage a business. Receive $120 when brands choose to work with you!


It is very simple and easy to do. Check out our HOW IT WORKS section for more details

Yes, all collegiate student-athletes that are 18, US citizens, and currently enrolled in any college are eligible to participate in our NIL program until they graduate or are no longer enrolled in school.

However, only selected student-athletes may become TEAMBASSADORS for their school/community. If you are interested in becoming a TEAMBASSADOR or starting a TEAMBASSADOR program at your school please feel free to reach out to us.

***Some restrictions may apply with ever-changing local, state, and national laws. If in question, you should always check with your compliance office for more details.

Knowtice uses third party platforms to provide payroll services including W-2s, 1099s, and compliance disclosures for student-athletes. Payments will be made on the 1st and 15th of every month. TEAMBASSADORS will be paid on the 1st of the month.

An administrative fee up to 10 – 15% will be deducted on every transaction.

Absolutely! Feel free to go through your Knowtice profile for additional deals to ensure proper documentation.

Each Student, Student-Athlete and Teambassador acknowledges that while performing Services, he/she is not acting on behalf of any academic or trade institution and shall make no representation to the contrary to any other party. Similarly, Knowtice is neither affiliated nor acting as an agent of any specific college or university.

All selected TEAMBASSADORS will remain active until they graduate or are no longer enrolled in the selected school.

***Knowtice reserves the right to terminate a TEAMBASSADOR due to lack of participation.

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