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When college officials heard about Knowtice’s platform, which gives their students invaluable internship experience, generates scholarship fund donations for their school, while also offering them the opportunity to help local businesses, they wanted in!

One day, Knowtice hopes to work with colleges in all 50 states. If your college is interested in receiving funds from an untapped revenue stream, get Knowticed! Email [email protected] to learn more.

The following colleges are currently working with Knowtice:

University of Memphis
"In 2020, many internship and scholarship opportunities halted as a result of the pandemic. It’s heartening to see organizations like Knowtice prioritize our students with a dedicated program like this one. We’re looking forward to this partnership to help our students benefit from more internship opportunities. The program, which will bring internships, scholarships and connections with more local businesses from across the Mid-South, will be a win-win for all involved."

Dr. Kathy Tuberville
Director, Avron B. Fogelman Professional Development Center at The University of Memphis

Arkansas State University
“Internships represent invaluable opportunities for college students when they are willing to work hard. Students can learn about themselves – their likes and dislikes, as well as what the real world looks like. Knowtice provides an opportunity for these students to become involved in the growth of a new marketplace offering and gain real-world sales experience. Not only are the students paid, but their efforts could also generate benefits for future students. It’s a win-win.”

Dr. Gail Hudson
Director of Neil Griffin College of Business Internship Program, Arkansas State University

University of Tennessee
"We are excited Knowtice is providing internships to students within the Haslam College of Business. Internships are an invaluable opportunity for students to gain work experience; develop and refine skills; network with professionals; and gain confidence. And, Knowtice’s business model of giving back will provide much-needed scholarships for students at the University of Tennessee. Because we’re the state’s flagship land-grant university, we are committed to providing Tennesseans with a high-quality, affordable education – and our commitment to student success runs deep.”

Jonathan Spiceland
Chief Development Officer - West TN Region, University of Tennessee Foundation

Creighton University
“During the pandemic, it has been especially difficult for students to find beneficial opportunities that will set them up for success in their future careers. Knowtice offers Creighton students hands-on work experience for their resumes and the chance to see what it takes to create and grow a new business. But perhaps best of all, their efforts will support their local business community and scholarship funding for their school.”

Jeremy Fisher
Director of John P. Fahey Career Center, Creighton University

Belhaven University
“An investment in college students is an investment in the future. We are pleased to partner with Knowtice as they offer paid internships that will give Belhaven students the opportunity to build their resumes and improve the community.”

Dr. Kevin Russell
Vice President for University Enrollment and Marketing, Belhaven University

University of Mississippi
“Our staff is grateful that, even in a time of social distancing and virtual communication, our students are able to gain real-world experience through internships with companies such as Knowtice. Pre-pandemic, we had a ‘candidate’s market,’ meaning more jobs than great people to fill them. Now, competition has been on the rise for good jobs, meaning college students must be extra creative when it comes to distinguishing themselves. Knowtice offers students at The University of Mississippi the opportunity to develop the skills they’ll need to work with others in a professional environment, networking opportunities and the chance to work for a philanthropic effort that helps their fellow classmates and supports local businesses.”

Wesley F. Dickens
Assistant Director of Experiential Education for School of Business Administration, The University of Mississippi

Eastern Kentucky University
“EKU’s College of Business and Technology is pleased to work with Knowtice to encourage student internships that promote soft skills like accountability, teamwork, and initiative – while continuing to expand upon classroom curricula. In addition to building a resume for the future, students have an opportunity to earn compensation, receive academic credit and grow as professionals.”

Darlene Stocker
Outreach & External Affairs Coordinator, Eastern Kentucky University College of Business & Technology

Mississippi State University
“The people in the Starkville community are passionate about supporting one another, especially when it comes to education. With Knowtice, our city has found a partner who believes as strongly as we do in the value of businesses supporting education. Using a student-driven approach, Knowtice is generating awareness for local businesses while providing financial opportunities to our university’s students through paid internships and scholarships. MSU is proud to work with an organization that is invested in our current community and its future leaders.”

Laura R. Walton, Ph.D.
APR Instructor and Internship Coordinator, Dept. of Marketing, Quantitative Analysis and Business Law, Mississippi State University

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