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College Students

Become a Community Launch Coordinator (CLC)

Register and start earning money to go towards student loans and other college-related expenses!

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Here are some marketing tools to help introduce us to your customers, followers, and prospects.


New Accounts: Get Started Today!

Click below to get started.  The step-by-step setup process is simple and only takes a few minutes:

  • Simply fill out the step-by-step fields, add a profile image, and set up an account administrator
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  • Pick your pricing plan, agree to the terms and make your first payment
  • Start getting Knowticed!

Students: Become a Community Launch Coordinator

Register via our SmartPhone app and start earning money so that we can help you pay for your college-related expenses!

  1. Simply download the Knowtice app
  2. Create your account
  3. Go to Menu/Students
  4. Register As A CLC to become a Community Launch Coordinator
  5. Start sharing with your friends and contacts
  6. Start getting paid!
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