Your FREE personalized Knowtice page and link work together to better connect you with your target audience and maximize your potential reach.


It’s amazing what can be built when you ask, “What do you need?”
The answer… “We want more exposure!” Say hello to Knowtice!

Built For Everyone

Perfect for students, Greek life and other clubs, schools and their departments, local influencers, and area businesses

Share Your Content

Bring your resume, Linkedin, Handshake (or equivalent), portfolio, meetings and events, and website front-and-center

Creates More Engagement

Your personalized Knowtice link can be easily accessed so that all interested parties can learn more about you

Build Your Page

Create a free personalized Knowtice page and link to get you Knowticed

100% Visibility

Maximize your exposure and engagement with your target audience without all the typical social clutter

Prepare for your Future

Share your information to gain internships and to be contacted with post-college opportunities

Get Started, it's Free!

Create a Basic profile that includes additional cool features for you to utilize

Easy to Use

You will be amazed how quick and simple it is to create your profile and send your posts!​


Followers receive real-time posts, alerts, and notifications to keep them updated.

Circle the Date

Posts, events, and activities are always displayed in a visibly, informative calendar format

Supporting Students

Knowtice generates a recurring revenue stream that we proudly give back to participating colleges


  1. GO TO PORTAL Visit our online portal which can be found under SIGN UP.
  2. BUILD A KNOWTICE PAGE AND LINK The process is simple. The time to complete depends on the amount of information you want to add to your Knowtice page. Once completed, you will also have a personalized Knowtice link to share with others.
  3. SELECT UPGRADES Businesses can maximize their exposure by choosing to have their Knowtice page included under a category listing, location search results based on proximity, and the app calendar can be shared onto your website
  4. FINALIZE ACCOUNT Read over the agreement, Terms of Service, and the Privacy Policy and accept. If upgrades were added you will process to our Stripe payment portal to finish the transaction.
  5. DOWNLOAD THE APP Lastly, go to the App Store or Google Play and download the FREE Knowtice app. From here, you can then search and find your page to see how your target audience will soon be Knowticing you!

Upon completion of building your Knowtice page you will pay with a credit card online. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We will be adding the ability to pay through ACH in the near future.

This agreement shall be renewed automatically after each one year anniversary of the start date unless you provide thirty (30) days notice of termination, emailed to [email protected].

In the event of termination, you understand that any funds paid prior thereto will not be refunded.

Most social media platforms only allow one link to be placed under the user’s bio page. To provide the most content, our personalized Knowtice link was created to allow you to share your Knowtice page while meeting these requirements.

By adding your Knowtice page, you can direct your target audience to anything that you want them to see… right from your bio! So, instead of just adding your website link to your bio, you are also including the highlights of your page as well.

Once your Knowtice page has been created, simply sign into your account to enter your dashboard. Here you can find your personalized Knowtice link near the top left corner (under the 2 yellow call to action buttons). Now feel free add to all of your social media and online accounts so you can get Knowticed!

From the dashboard you can easily create or edit posts and events to share with your target audience. It usually takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

Get Knowtice TODAY

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